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City Picks

Here are the headlines in today's City Picks: Pinmonkey celebrates release of debut CD, Southern band Injected with a good time and Baptist Hospital takes care of your heart. More

Arts & Letters

ARTS & LETTERS - Book Signings, Events, Performing Arts and Visual Arts. More

Centennial Arts Center gives a differing view

ARTS & LETTERS - Perspective is an amazing thing. It lets us consume information in random configurations from vast landscapes to the intricacies of a single flower petal. This dichotomy of view is explored at Centennial Art Center

Anderson's 'Angels' give animal advice

ARTS & LETTERS - Having worked as a teacher, counselor, singer, publicist and actor, Nashvillian Carol Grace Anderson now aspires to a dog

Davis-Kidd Bestsellers List


Death Notices

The City Paper publishes death notices of individuals from the Nashville area. Whenever possible, we will continue to publish the notice until the date of burial. Funeral home directors may contact The City Paper at 298-9833 to place notices and for our policies regarding placement.

Youth home to close doors; relocate clients to other care

Richland Village, a Metro-operated center for troubled children on 51st Avenue North, plans to close its doors after decades of providing shelter for those with no other place to go. Ongoing talks are part of a concerted effort to meet stipulations of the lawsuit settlement by the state of Bryan A. v. Sundquist, which calls for a move away from More

Education subcommittee debates programs for 'gifted children'

A state legislative bill to move intellectually gifted students to a separate educational category, away from other

News Briefs

Here are the headlines in today's News Briefs: Nashville Gas drops rates for customers, Civil Liberties head to speak at Vandy, Adult memory loss subject of event and Belle Meade board approves path study.

Project improves fire hydrant pressure

Metro Water Services is improving water flow and pressure by cleaning or replacing existing water lines in areas that were once the outskirts of town but are now bustling commercial districts. Fire hydrant capacity has increased from 500 gallons a minute up to 3,000 in completed portions of the project on Blair Boulevard and similar results are expected from an ongoing project on Belmont Boulevard, according to Cyrus Toosi, Engineer III with Metro Water Services. More

They are the most famous words of his presidency so far. In his Jan. 29 State of the Union speech, identifying Iran, Iraq and North Korea as the U.S. military's next targets in the war against terrorism, President Bush said: "States like these, and their terrorist allies, constitute an axis of evil

Criticizing Gaylord is unwarranted pastime


Metro Legal advises board on Tin Roof


Anderson accepts NCS position

Former Aquinas basketball coach and athletic director Charlie Anderson has accepted a position as the boys basketball head coach at Nashville Christian School in Bellevue. Effective July 1, Anderson will replace Mike Maples, who will remain at the school as principal. More

Condo developer meets with neighbors

Sylvan Park property owners met Monday at Park Avenue Baptist Church to hear a proposal from Jones Development Company to change zoning of the Oman Industrial site property on 42nd Avenue from industrial to residential. Developer Jeff Jones told attendees of the public meeting he is seeking to redevelop five acres of industrial property between Dakota and Elkins off 42nd Avenue with a 180 condominium multi-family site similar to the Ashley Park condominium development off Woodmont Boulevard. More

Pearl's death has given us a hard lesson in evil

Like so many over the past several days who've written about Daniel Pearl, former reporter for 'The Wall Street Journal', I didn't know him. But I thought about him every day for a month or more. And I remain horrified by his final hour. If Pearl is not to have died in vain, then let us at least learn this much: Pearl was killed by evil. 'Not' by people with legitimate political concerns; not by disenfranchised victims of American imperialism. But by evil. More

Spartans rebound for region win

All alone on a breakaway, ready to stymie Franklin

Cap deals still brewing

The wheeling and dealing continues for the Tennessee Titans as they try to hammer out deals and make the right choices to get under the NFL-mandated salary cap of $71.101 million by Friday. The Titans have already saved about $6 million, once the deals are made official, through redoing the deals of linebacker Randall Godfrey, tackle Fred Miller and wide receiver Derrick Mason. More

Licenses set to expire

Your current Tennessee Hunting and Fishing License will expire Feb. 28, 2002. The expiration date coincides with the time when most hunting seasons in the state end and the prime fishing begins. New licenses will be available at license agents across the state beginning Feb. 18, and at the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency's regional offices beginning Feb. 19. More

2001-2002 Middle Tennessee Wrestling Coaches Association Awards

The Johnny Drennan Award (Most Outstanding Wrestler) Co-Winners Patrick Simpson (MBA) & Raymond Dunning (Ryan), Coach of the Year Tommy Badon (Dickson County), Outstanding Cheerleaders (Brentwood), Official of the Year Steve Craig. More