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Investigation of news world doesn

Right-wing bashing of the news media is nothing new, but former 'Washington Monthly' editor William McGowan has taken things to an arguably all-time low with his new book 'Coloring The News: How Crusading for Diversity Has Corrupted American Journalism' (Encounter). According to McGowan, a coalition of ultra-sensitive liberal whites and various unqualified minorities have hijacked the nation More

Hide your tax cut

Democrats have been chomping at the bit to raise our taxes since the halcyon days of a Democratic Congress and president, when Bill Clinton's tax plan brilliantly engineered a historic Republican takeover of Congress. Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) has said, "With the war on terrorism, I just don't think it's in our best interest to go forward with the tax cuts." Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) said we need to "revisit the tax cut in the midst of a recession." More

'Journal' reporter Pearl died seeking the truth

"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." The Bible reminds us how fundamentally important it is for us to hear and see the truth. The death last week of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl reminds us of how expensive the search for truth can be. Pearl was killed in a place where truth is singularly hard to come by. He was trying to interview the leadership of a radical Muslim faction believed to be connected both to the al-Qaida and to airline bombing suspect Richard Reid. More


Protein packed goodness. Nerissa Ferrell, the somewhat salty kitchen manager for the very hip and trendy Corner Market, made the right decision to start her life over in her late 20s. As a nurse in the ER at Vanderbilt Hospital, she was burning out on the job and needed a change.

Organizations receive $1.2M to aid programs

Bethlehem Centers of Nashville and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee have been awarded $1.2 million for an educational campaign on HIV and drug prevention aimed at youth ages 13-15. The grant was awarded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. The grant will enhance programs already underway such as the Boys and Girls Clubs More


Many people inside and outside the Hollywood community were jittery and nervous about what type of films audiences would enjoy immediately after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Only three days later, the movie 'Hardball' debuted following a host of savage reviews. The film was based on the true story of Chicago gambler Conor O More

Grammy intrigue heads options for TV viewing

TONIGHT: A linguistic controversy nearly causes a riot on 'Boston Public'. The life of Billie Holiday, America More

City Picks

Here are the headlines in today's City Picks: 13th-annual

Judy Rodman - the has-been that never was and no longer needs to be

KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS - Judy Rodman has had her 15 minutes of fame. Though her celebrity as a country singer back in the mid-

Keep In Minders

Lo-cal treat: Want a chocolately satisfying lo-cal treat to tame your sweet tooth? Try this. Put one tablespoon of Cool Whip topping between two halves of a chocolate graham cracker and freeze. Yum. What More

School director holds forum

Metro School officials took part in the first of a series of public forums Thursday night designed to connect the public with what is happening in Metro classrooms. A panel consisting of Director of Schools Pedro Garcia, Chief Instructional Officer Sandra Johnson, Harpeth Valley Elementary Principal Martha Hayes and Harpeth Valley kindergarten teacher Mildred Nelson offered commentary on student learning and responded to inquiries from the live audience of parents and community leaders. More

Lebanon Road merchants hear state plans

Lebanon Road merchants met with state representatives Thursday night to discuss the impact that widening Lebanon Road would have on area businesses and a new look proposed for downtown Donelson. The Tennessee Department of Transportation plans to start widening a mile-long stretch on either side of the Donelson Pike/Lebanon Road intersection that backs up in peak hours. More

Ask Billy

Billy gets tough on grade school bullies. "Billy, my 13-year-old son recently got beat up by a kid three years older and 70 pounds heavier than he. The bully's parents don't seem to care, and I want to set a few things straight. How should I handle this?" I assume you called the parents, and they had no response other than to laugh or deny. Call the cops immediately. Get the incident documented so that the next will be acted upon. If you do not document this with the cops, they will treat the next beating as the first. Get it on the record. More

DCA overpowers Lions

It wasn

Winbush to depart race relations post

Dr. Raymond A. Winbush, likely Nashville

House leaders create budget of

Leaders of the Tennessee House of Representatives Thursday proposed a last-resort budget that would kill off two departments and lay off an unrevealed number of state employees. Called More

Sliding squads vie in Knoxville

Tennessee Volunteer fans are always singing how rocky the top is. As Vanderbilt knows, the bottom is pretty chunky, too. Both men More

UT basketball roots date back to 1909

Dr. James Naismith gave birth to the game of basketball in December, 1891. Nine men on a YMCA team fought each other to toss the soccer ball into the crudely fashioned peach baskets hanging from the edge of the surrounding balcony in the gymnasium. The sport spread into the south, which was baseball country and then football country. Nathan W. Dougherty, an All-Southern football star for the Vols, was instrumental in bringing the new game to More

Lady Trojans peaking

The Trevecca women's basksetball team has often been called the best in school history, but will their performance in the upcoming TranSouth Conference and NAIA Div. I tournaments justify that praise? Coach Julie van Beek, who has coached the Lady Trojans all six years they've been a team, doesn't think that pressure will be much of a factor in how her club does in the postseason. More

Culpepper, Stewart among black QBs for Gilliam benefit

Joe Gilliam, Sr. says his son would probably be astonished at the roster of quarterbacks and NFL stars scheduled to attend this weekend