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Note to airlines: All

Within a day, it seems, proposals to bail out the nation

Revamping our airline regulations in the spirit of Attica

Secretary of Transportation Norman Y. Mineta, or Czar Norman, has ordered new, ill-thought-out airline regulations in the wake of recent terrorist attacks. Among them: a ban on knives

A fresh idea is starting to sprout in Tennessee

Although it

Contemporary blues players try new tricks

Contemporary blues musicians must constantly seek fresh ways to present familiar material. Where bandleaders and groups during earlier eras emphasized displaying their knowledge of traditional songs and classics, today there

Take no prisoners in the the 2001 Hummer

If you don't live next door to Arnold Schwarzenegger, you're not likely to see a Hummer every day. Only Planet Hollywood owner/celebrities or people who own mineral rights to vast deserts in the Persian Gulf can support a Hummer habit. More

City Picks

Here are the headlines in today's City Picks: Pat McGee and Bare Jr. fire up UpTown Mix, Buck up with Abby Burke, Mattie Groves and Greg Foresman play Exit/In and Nashville Premieres presents 'Taboo' at Sarratt Cinema tonight.

Author takes wild trip on competitive Scrabble circuit

ARTS & LETTERS - Most people who have played the word game Scrabble could never imagine a competitive circuit with colorful characters battling over their tiles for big money. 'Wall Street Journal' sports reporter Stefan Fatsis didn

Arts & Letters Picks

ARTS & LETTERS - Books/Literature, Just for kids, Lectures, Art Classes, Visual arts and Performing arts are the topics in today's Arts & Letters Picks.

Fall heralds arrival of homemade vegetable beef soup

It is time to pull up the tomato vines (save the green ones for fried green tomatoes or pickle relish), remove some of your annuals and plant varying colors of chrysanthemums in your front and side gardens. Raking leaves will soon consume some of your Saturday time, perhaps a family affair with giggling children jumping into the leaf piles you just made. More

France bans violent film, Belcourt Theatre will show

A French film that has stirred controversy due to its violent nature will be showing at the Belcourt Theatre, despite the ban of the movie in France. Artistic Director of the Belcourt Theatre Julia Sutherland said the film was brought to them through the Nashville Cinema Underground and the Belcourt is one of the few, if not the only, theater in the Southeast showing it. More

Sister Cities delegation finds support in Europe

Members of Sister Cities of Nashville and the Metro Council say the outpouring of support while they were in Europe was overwhelming. The delegation was abroad when America was attacked on Sept. 11. Councilperson-at-large Leo Waters and his wife accompanied a Sister Cities delegation to Caen, France, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the relationship between the cities. More

Take care in tree stand

With deer season having opened Sept. 22, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is urging hunters to use care when hunting from a tree stand. Many deer hunters find hunting from an elevated stand to be advantageous. It is often more difficult for a deer to detect a hunter in a tree stand than one on the ground, but the TWRA is urging hunters to be cautious anytime they use a stand. More

Backup goalie Mason hopes for NHL action

It was another solid training camp and another ticket to Milwaukee for goaltender Chris Mason. With Mike Dunham and Tomas Vokoun firmly entrenched as the top two goaltenders for the Nashville Predators Mason knows he is the odd man out, but he finds the situation to be a frustrating one. More

Bye week good for health, bad for rhythm

TITANS TUESDAY - The every-other-week schedule has definitely not worked well for the Tennessee Titans. After Sunday More

McNair throws, but shoulder still dicey

TITANS TUESDAY - The Tennessee Titans got a bit of good news regarding the health of Steve McNair on Monday, but even that was tempered by reports that the swelling in the quarterback

Nashville groups unite to fight racial prejudice

The Nashville Urban League has decided to join forces with the Council of Community Services to

'America the Beautiful' and it truly is

TITANS TUESDAY - From sea to shining sea, the NFL and its fans were at their best Sunday, during an emotional day the likes of which has perhaps never been seen. There were American flags everywhere, including huge ones that covered the entire field in some stadiums and where competing players stood side by side holding the symbol of our freedom. There were tears, too, as the nation paused to remember, yet got ready to play a game. More

Bears' draft choice changed Fisher's life

TITANS TUESDAY - April 29, 1981 was the date that changed the life of Titans

Hitting them where it hurts

President Bush signed an executive order Monday freezing the assets of 27 individuals and groups

Belmont excels in VU cross country meet