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Foundation celebrates 10 years

The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee introduced six more bees as it celebrated its 10th anniversary at the Warner Parks Nature Center on Sunday. The foundation had started the year with the introduction of a new fund, called Make Your Community Flower, which is designed to beautify Middle Tennessee. More

Stepping to a world stair record

Fitness trainer Karen Dunn thinks she

Merit semifinalists named

Around 16,000 high school seniors across the nation have received word that they are semifinalists in the 47th annual National Merit Scholarship Program. As juniors, the students are entered into the National Merit Scholarship competition by taking the Preliminary SAT/NMSC qualifying test. More

Nashville site of emergency video

Nashville area emergency agencies will participate in a terrorism-training program next week that will become part of a training video the federal government will use to prepare other local agencies nationwide. The video is being developed through a grant from the Domestic Preparedness Program, an offshoot of the Justice Department, Richard Byrd of the Mayor More

Democratic candidates spar on issues

Candidates for the Democratic nomination for governor sparred a couple of light rounds at the state Executive Committee meeting Saturday in Nashville, with one of the leading contenders absent. More

Titans stop themselves, Jaguars win

Zero and two. When it comes down to it, not much else sums it up quite like that. The Tennessee Titans, the preseason choice of many to win the AFC, if not Super Bowl XXXVI, must now figure out a way to simply reverse course after Sunday

TSU rattles FAMU, gears up for OVC slate

Tennessee State University wants its football opponents to know that 2001 shouldn't be confused with 2000. Yes, everyone knows the calendar has changed, but Saturday's 27-7 thrashing of the No. 9 Florida A&M Rattlers showed more than just the date was different since last year's 31-6 loss at the Georgia Dome. More

Americans need patience as leaders unveil plan

The U.S. government intends to share with its Allies the evidence which links Osama Bin Laden and his Al-Qaida terrorists to the attacks on America. Experts from the State Department, the Justice Department, and the Intelligence Community are already said to be cooperating in producing a report which will lay out what we know, and in some cases, will detail how we know it. More

Special election is possible

Despite a potential price tag of $450,000, a referendum allowing Davidson County voters to choose which of two councilmanic redistricting plans they prefer is necessary, according to some council members who foresee the special election scenario unfolding. More

Fourth quarter field goal gives Hunters Lane victory

Robert Ballard never played football before this season. The Hunters Lane kicker ignored his inexperience, nailing a 22-yard field goal with 3:40 left to give the Warriors a 10-7 win at Pearl-Cohn on Friday night. More

Ryan wins City title

Harpeth Hall got the team they wanted but not the result. The Honeybears, led by head coach Tim Wallace, voiced their desire to play Father Ryan in the finals from the beginning of the Nashville Girls Soccer City Championship, which concluded Saturday. More

Vanderbilt finally gets win

Did you hear the one about Vandy beating one of the nation

Virginia-bound Metros end season with shootout loss

Agony followed ecstasy for the Nashville Metros on Saturday. A season of accomplishment ended cruelly with penalty kicks as the Milwaukee Rampage emerged from the teams' first-round A-League playoff series to take on the Richmond Kickers this week in the quarterfinals. More

Real airline security: locked cockpit doors and passports

Just as I predicted, the new "security procedures" adopted by the U.S. Department of Transportation in response to the most deadly hijackings in history will be incredibly burdensome for American travelers but, at the same time, will do absolutely nothing to deter hijackers. More

New Stokes school designs save history, add gymnasium

Preliminary designs for the new Walter Stokes School, 3701 Belmont Blvd., have been approved by the school

Bolstering education can improve our security

The horror of Sept. 11, 2001, has shocked our sense of reality and put into question our understanding of global conflict. Warfare now will be fought differently than ever before. It is no longer nation against nation. War has become intensely personal and conveniently global. More

City Picks

Here are the headlines in today's City Picks: Larry Garner bellies up at Bourbon Street and Children's Theatre opens 70th season. More

New DVD raises troubling questions about controversial case

The docudrama format remains a difficult one for filmmakers to use effectively. If they place too much emphasis on the drama, it can endanger the piece


Pigging out with cheesecake. John T. Hamilton III, the brains behind the pies at Fate

New television season starts slowly

This week has been designated for the new start of the television season, but no one is sure whether they