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WSM morning show host hospitalized

Bill Cody, 650 WSM

Death Notices

Spiking banned in end zones, legal at City Hall

Remember the good ole days when NFL players scored a touchdown and then slammed the ball to the ground? In time, National Football League officials deemed this practice of spiking to be inappropriate. Thus was born the NFL post-touchdown rituals we see today, such as line dancing, leaping into the stands, group hugs, moments of prayer, etc. More


Our country has been lifted by a swelling tide of patriotism and prayer. Support for President Bush is high; national unity is strong. And that's as it should be. But just beneath that surface unity, some very difficult questions are starting to emerge. More

The worst of times calls for the best of beliefs

Now in our own country, another young generation is face to face with what is surely a war, and on its first day more than 5,000 died. Most of those of this generation want to be optimistic because, like Anne Frank, they

Take a walk to help cure diabetes

Over 16 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with diabetes. This disease kills one American every three minutes. This weekend Nashville residents will have the opportunity to come together to join the fight against diabetes by raising money to support researchers searching for a cure for the disease. More

Nashville Jazz Workshop holds first fund-raiser

The Nashville Jazz Workshop (NJW) represents one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive academic/performance facilities available anywhere in the nation that is unaffiliated with a college or university. More

Weekend television lineup reflects transitional period

The networks smartly and deservedly pushed back the start of the new television season out of respect for the tragedy on Sept. 11. The new tentative starting date is Sept. 24, and even that may be changed depending on what happens over the next few days. More

City Picks

Here are just a few of the headlines in today's City Picks: Jeff Coffin jazzes up Cafe' 123, Stevie Nicks headlines at AmSouth, Prepare for a Fabulous weekend at 12th and Porter and Fest de Family kicks off Saturday. More

'Hardball' is based on Daniel Coyle

Networks, stars unite for telethon

An unprecedented coalition of the four broadcast networks and some of Hollywood's biggest names are putting together a telethon called 'America: A Tribute to Heroes' to Benefit Victims of the Sept. 11 Terrorist Attacks. The two-hour telethon will air commercial-free at 9 p.m. EDT today on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox, according to 'Variety'. More

Stairway to heaven

When you step into a gym, you expect to see people sweating. But Karen Dunn has a waterfall cascading off her during her final workout in preparation of setting a world record for stair climbing. More

Outstanding in their field

If my dad was a cow, he

State revenues fall short; extra cuts of $100M possible

Even a month before the disastrous events of Sept. 11, the state

Council hopes for consensus on new redistricting plan

After deciding Tuesday night to delay a vote on what has become a somewhat controversial redistricting plan, Metro Council members now will devise an alternative plan that many feel will win council approval. More

MCO to be cut from TennCare

State officials Wednesday said that Access Med Plus, the Nashville-based managed care organization, will be cut from the TennCare program Oct. 31 if it cannot prove it has complied with state-mandated reporting methods by Oct. 9. More

Judges want input in court renovation

Judges who hold court in Metro

1999 visit to Jacksonville set Super Bowl stage

The Tennessee Titans owe the Jacksonville Jaguars a lot. While most would look at the recent history of the series and see it the other way around, given the Titans More

Erat displays scrimmage scoring prowess

Left-winger Martin Erat had been scoring his share of goals in scrimmages, but he kept on waiting for the exhibition games to begin before putting any credibility on his scoring skills. More

We must seek a just war, if there is such a thing

War is hell. But it is also part of our human existence, and has been throughout the history of the world. With the terrorist attacks on American soil last week, there is, of course, talk of war More