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Prep Update

Burros kick Mustangs

The rain tried to put a damper on the first game of the Nashville City Championship last night at West End Middle School. But the Hillsboro Burros weathered the storm early and, once the skies cleared, put on a thunderous exhibition of their own. More

Metros travel to Milwaukee one goal down

It's on to Wisconsin down a goal as the Nashville Metros were nipped 3-2 by the Milwaukee Rampage in the opening game of the A-League first-round playoffs last night. More

E. Nashville's Radio Cafe' set to close

Radio Caf

Nashville celebrates Race Equality Day

Nashville was one of 200 cities across the nation that celebrated Race Equality Day Wednesday, with a gathering of community leaders determined to make a change for the better. More

Council to monitor spending


Oasis Church holds first fund-raiser

The Oasis Church is holding its first major fundraiser this Sunday from 2-7 p.m. for its planned 161,000-square-foot worship center in Bellevue. The fundraiser will be held on the former Titan More

Death Notices

Kids of the week

A group of sixth-grade girls from Walter Stokes Middle School are the students of the week for their display of patriotism to help the country in its time of need. More

We reap what we sow, even with our national defense

The recent terrorist attacks suggest that it might be time to re-examine our foreign policy. What should that foreign policy be? Part of the answer might lie in the foreign policy principles enunciated at our founding. More

Zoo news

In 1782 the bald eagle was selected over the turkey to represent our great nation as the national bird. The bald eagle was selected for its regal appearance, its power in flight, and its menacing talons that capture and kill its prey. More

Let's respond to the ridiculous with meekness

I love my country because

Children in Helena Hess


Red, white and blue jellybean hunt and the All-American sundae.

Red, white and blue kids

As many of you know, a terrible thing happened last week in New York City and Washington, D.C. But something very good has happened in our country since then. Our people are pulling together and making a commitment to help each other. Many who have taken freedom for granted are speaking out and standing up for the things America stands for. More

City Picks

Here are the headlines in today's City Picks: 'Requiem for a Dream' at Sarratt, 'Light the Night,' helps fight cancer, Epic's Ben Folds returns to rock 328 and Getting some Air at Douglas Corner.


Dorothy Boleyjack, with the Nashville Public Library, selected a few books to help you learn more about patriotism. More

A few of our favorite things


City Confidential

Jim Fyke More

Stray chow needs home

Jerry Williams is a man with a big heart and affinity for dogs. That