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Garcia's PC system questioned

A website devoted to Macintosh computer users, MacCentral Online, posted an article Monday that was highly critical of Metro Director of Schools Pedro Garcia and his decision to move toward a PC-based system for schools. Currently, the system uses both Macs and PCs. More

Sundquist announces more cuts in state budget

Gov. Don Sundquist announced an additional $54 million in budget cuts Tuesday, bringing the total announced cuts nearly to the $100 million mark he says was mandated by the General Assembly

Barry Scott finally achieves a major artistic goal

Playwright, director and actor Barry Scott, currently the artistic director of the American Negro Playwright Theatre (ANPT) and a theatre professor at Tennessee State University, has wanted to present theatrical productions by Pulitzer-Prize winner August Wilson locally for more than a decade. More

Vandy women can't hold off OSU Buckeyes

There is no defense in golf. You can

NFL, Titans beefing up stadium security measures

In the aftermath the last week

Metro Council unanimously defers redistricting plan

After a 15-minute recess to address what Vice Mayor Ronnie Steine termed an unusual situation, the Metro Council returned Tuesday night to unanimously vote to defer for two meetings taking a vote on the council

Guardsman arrested

A 16-year veteran with the National Guard has been charged with making bomb threats to the guard armory and Berry Field, the Air National Guard complex next to the Metro Nashville Airport. More

Metros begin playoffs, face Rampage tonight

The Nashville Metros make their first playoff appearance since 1998 when they take the Ezell Park pitch at 7 p.m. today against the Milwaukee Rampage. That postseason reappearance was postponed a week following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and like others inside the sports world and out, it's been difficult to focus on the task at hand with the tragedy that has held America in its grip for the past week. More

Classic benefits First Tee

The scene at The VinnyLinks at Shelby Park on Saturday caused pedestrians and drivers to do a double take as twenty-two teams, all dressed up in attire from the turn of the century, competed in the first Hickory Golf Club Classic. More

Classen dealing with higher expectations

Last year center Greg Classen was a sensation during the Nashville Predators training camp. This year he is working hard to let the coaching staff know that he has recovered from his concussion problems from last season and is ready to get back on track. More

Radio broadcasters join public in town meeting on terrorism

Radio personalities, members of local law enforcement and other community leaders joined the public Tuesday in a live town meeting about the terrorist attacks Sept. 11. Bill Cody and Bill Whyte of WSM, and Steve Gill from WTN helped field questions. More

Music provides inspiration during times of turmoil

The arts at their best do far more than simply entertain. Great music, provocative literature or a deeply moving film can inspire, motivate, or just provide refuge and solace during times of trouble. More

Tournament to decide girls city soccer title

Complaining about travel schedules, bickering about lost rivalries, and flat-out whining about realignments is nothing new to high school athletics. It

Death notices

We'd just be taking revenge upon other victims

I've been hearing a lot of talk about "bombing Afghanistan back to the Stone Age." Ronn Owens, on KGO Talk Radio, allowed that this would mean killing innocent people, but "we're at war; we have to accept collateral damage. What else can we do?" Minutes later I heard some TV pundit discussing whether we "have the belly to do what must be done." More

Bush's leadership entails telling what we're up against

Lucky though he was, Bill Clinton never had his shot at greatness. He could lower the jobless rate, balance the budget and console us after Oklahoma City. But he never got the opportunity George W. Bush was given last Tuesday: the historic chance to lead. More

With security threatened, let's now get up to speed

Father James Armour told his congregation at Cathedral of the Incarnation Sunday, "You see, we're changed.

City Picks

Here are the headlines in today's City Picks: Aerosmith lands at AmSouth, UpTown Mix highlights midtown, Plaudits aplenty for Lauderdale, Bluebird hosts benefit for Ronald McDonald House and Neighborhood bird watch at Warner Park Nature Center.

Global marketing focus of TSU program

TSU's International Business program will open its

Love across gender lines in 'Trans-Sister Radio'

ART & LETTERS - Chris Bohjalian