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Vanderbilt student still missing, Web site, local sources erroneous

ALERT - Vanderbilt University graduate Terence E. Adderley Jr., 22, is still missing in New York City, Vanderbilt Director of Public Affairs Liz Latt confirmed late Friday morning. The City Paper erroneously reported in its Friday street edition Adderley had been found in the rubble of the World Trade Center, where Adderley has been working on the 93rd floor with Fred Alger Management. More

Fair food

For $4 you can get a dry, crusty, seemingly sauceless piece of pizza that probably last saw an oven in Cincinnati. For $2 Chucky the Monkey will kiss your forehead and eat a kernel of popcorn out of your hand. Thus are the financial decisions made on the midway at the Tennessee State Fair. More

Weekend television schedule may change constantly

The tragedy events of this week may it virtually impossible to predict what will and won

Fox plays a highly successful, captivating and clever type who gives all her girlfriends advice on relationships. Of course, it is assumed that Fox More

Theatrical perfection, past and present

Leonard Bernstein, Arthur Laurents and a young upstart, Stephen Sondheim, collaborated to create a musical retelling of the tragedy. Their composition, 'West Side Story', turned American Musical Theater on its ear. Here was a worthy treatment of the text in musical form. More still the score stands as one of the most brilliant compositions in contemporary history. More

Sierra and Vinnie: A heartwarming love story

Tabloids immediately began digging for any salacious data on Sierra C3. Headlines exposed Sierra has a rare full-time all-wheel-drive transfer case with advanced viscous coupling. As lewd and depraved as this may sound, it is but one of many more shocking expos More

Watch for field bait

If you're a dove hunter, it's always a good idea to check any dove field before hunting to make sure it is not baited illegally. More

Vandy, SEC reverse field, call off games

The Southeastern Conference has made up its mind. In a decision that came down Thursday afternoon, the SEC has suspended all athletic events, including football games, this weekend. Saturday More

Titans, NFL games postponed

In the wake of Tuesday

City Picks

Here are just a few of the headlines in today's City Picks: Blair sponsors evening of Beethoven, Wildhorse brings back Trick Pony, Chris Mitchell returns to the stage and Friday Night Movies at the Watkins Film School. More

Raise the flag for America; get a free one from 'The City Paper'

Terrorist actions may have led us to the darkest day in American history but watch carefully for you are about to see our finest hour. Would you like a small flag for your car or mailbox, compliments of The City Paper? Stop by our front desk and pick one up- free. The City Paper is at 1 Burton Hills Boulevard, Suite 300.

TSSAA alignment a problem for some schools

The TSSAA Board of Control meeting last winter that determined new region realignments was undoubtedly going to reconfigure the old Regions 4 and 5 of 1A, the latter of which included Settle More

Stephens big-time back

Typically, my critique of a Tennessee includes two questions: Did the Vols play to their potential, and did they play well enough to beat a top 10 team? More

Let us not forget: Life is too fragile to be taken for granted

There are many political things to be said about the terrorist attacks that tore through the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, but our first thoughts are personal. The casualty figures are uncertain as we write, but many hundreds of children, perhaps thousands, have lost their parents, without warning, without ever getting a chance to say good bye. More

America: The Good Neighbor

Canadian broadcaster Gordon Sinclair wrote

We Cannot trade freedom for security

Perhaps it is inevitable: before the initial shock and anger have subsided, the finger - pointing at the American Intelligence Community has already begun. The question is temptingly a simple one: How could They have let this happen? The simple answer also happens to be the truth: They didn

Mayor picks new water services head

Mayor Bill Purcell today named Scott A. Potter director of the Metro Department of Water and Sewer Services. Potter, who currently works as manager of distribution operations for the Louisville Water Company in Louisville, is a former Navy officer who holds a bachelor of engineering degree from Vanderbilt University and a master of science degree from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif. More

Gulch restaurant 6 Degree closing

Citing a

Flags flying from shelves, then throughout Nashville

Nashville is joining the rest of the nation in showing its true colors - red, white and blue. The terrorist attack on America has inspired rusty patriots to dust off and display their American flags More

Death Notices