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Metro Schools deal with tragedy

Tuesday More

Let us all pray

The City Paper asked leaders in Nashville More

Local officials on alert in wake of terrorist acts

Effects of the terrorist bombings in New York City and Washington D.C. continue to reverberate throughout the nation. Not surprisingly, Nashville is feeling those effects. Various local and state agencies that deal with such incidents are all on heightened alert, many waiting for instructions from federal sources. More

USL playoffs on hold

United Soccer Leagues announced today that the First Round of the A-League playoffs has been postponed one week with specific new dates and times for all matches to be announced within the next 48-72 hours on More

America: United we stand, divided we fall

The involved terrorists took their swipe at the best of American symbolism. Tuesday More

Security at Nashville airport intensified

Security measures at the Nashville International Airport were highly intensified once officials were told shortly after 9 a.m. Tuesday that the airport had to be shut down. High priority was given to organization and to informing passengers whose flights were diverted to the airport. More

Pentagon tragedy hits home for DT Salave'a


LA Kings scout killed

One shock wave from the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center has impacted the professional hockey world. reported that longtime director of pro scouting Ace Bailey, most recently with the Los Angeles Kings, was among the passengers killed on United Airlines Flight 175, the second plane hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City. More

College games may be postponed

The NCAA announced yesterday that decisions involving Saturday

<font color=red>City Paper Extra </font>Terrorists Attack U.S.

The City Paper published an extra, sixteen page special edition detailing coverage of the terrorist attacks today on New York City and Washington D.C. The Wednesday edition of The City Paper will provide continuing coverage of the events. More

Sanders broke Owens OSU record

TITANS TUESDAY - Throughout most of the lifetime of legendary track superstar Jesse Owens, many men tried to catch him, usually without success. One Tennessee Titans player not only caught him, but also passed Owens after his 1980 death. More

Midtown merchants oppose tower project

Representatives of the Midtown Business Association of Nashville say they are extremely concerned about the potential negative impact of a proposed twin apartment tower project for their neighborhood and will attempt to thwart a rezoning effort by the developer. More

Council members seek recycling information

Some Metro Council members want more information before they vote this fall on Mayor Bill Purcell

<font color=red>Vanderbilt campus on emergency alert</font>

Vanderbilt University and Medical Center are on emergency alert in response to the terrorist crisis on the east coast, Vice Chancellor Dr. Michael Schoenfeld said. More

<font color=red>Business community glued to media outlets</font>

In Downtown Nashville offices today, it has definitely not been business as usual. John Ryman, an attorney with Hollins & Associates on the 27th floor of the L&C Tower, said the shock of events in New York and Washington D.C. have commanded his attention. More

<font color=red>Let us all pray</font>

The City Paper asked leaders in Nashville More

<font color=red>Post Service continues without airmail</font>

The Post Office is in operation today without the use of airline express mail. Federal Express is not delivering and some local airmail has been diverted to ground transportation, according to local spokesperson Paula McCollum of the Postal Service. More

<font color=red>Local officials on alert in wake of terrorist acts</font>

Effects of the terrorist bombings in New York City and Washington D.C. are reverberating throughout the nation today. Not surprisingly, Nashville is feeling those effects. More

<font color=red>Rabbis set memorial services</font>

In the wake of the terrorist bombings, local rabbis will meet tonight at 7 at the Temple on Harding Road for services, with a memorial service slated for tomorrow at noon at Congregation Micah in Williamson County. More

<font color=red>State heightens security</font>

The State Capitol and state buildings set an additional level of security Tuesday in reaction to terrorist acts in New York City and Washington, D.C. Within minutes of the reporting of the double kamikaze attack at the World Trade Center, guards at the Tennessee State Capitol launched into heightened security. More