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Goodpasture slips by CPA

Much of Friday night

Metros face Rampage in A-League playoffs

The postseason seeding dust has cleared. The Nashville Metros will begin their A-League bow as they face the Milwaukee Rampage in the first round of the 2001 playoffs this week. More

Sarah Stifler Lucas' 'Interludes' opens at Harpeth Hall

Looking around the Marnie Sheridan Gallery at Harpeth Hall, artist Sarah Stifler Lucas experiences a sense of nostalgia. The Nashville native and 1966 graduate of the school, who now works as a full-time artist in Connecticut, is back to showcase her artwork in the first of a series of art exhibits. More

Stop the malicious persecution of poor Andrea Yates!

Feminist activists and other progressives are now faced with one of the scariest of prosecutions. Anti-progressive forces may seek the death penalty against Andrea Yates, a fascinating woman and mother of five, for dealing with a crippling depression in the best way she knew how. More

Pros and cons of giving parents school choice

In the last few years, school choice has been at the forefront of the educational debate. Two scenarios exist for school choice. First, charter schools are independently operated public schools that establish most of their own rules and are especially sensitive to students with special needs. Second, vouchers are a means of providing money up to a stated maximum amount to parents for their children to attend a public or private school of their choice. More

Networks ease into new season

While the networks mostly delay the start of their season until the middle of the month, other outlets fill the gap with fresh shows. More

Can it! Canned preserves make elegant holiday gifts, if you start on them now

Can you can? There's a resurgence of interest in this old-fashioned home art. Personally, I love the idea of being able to decorate the jars, and will gladly leave the rest of the work to my husband. More

City Picks

Here are the headlines in today's City Picks: Blair professor to kick off concert and Theaterworks Westside holds auditions. More

Hearing your 'intuitive eater' from Wisconsin

There are four places in the world that bring about a total sense of peace for me. One is the Charles River in Boston, the second is the backyard of the house I grew up in in Baltimore; the third is the beach at Fenwick Island where my family vacations in the summertime. The fourth is where I spent a glorious four days over Labor Day weekend More

Keep in Minders

Chef's choice

Slow-roasted salmon tastes better. Nashville native Anthony Bates had a slight swagger as he sidled up the bar for our interview, with a cigarette in one hand and a Red Bull energy drink in the other. More

Hannibal Lecter's story unfolds in 'Lambs' and 'Hannibal'

It is a tribute to Sir Anthony Hopkins' mastery as an actor that he has made a despicable character so beloved to film audiences. Hopkins has portrayed the erudite, charming serial killer and cannibal, Hannibal Lecter, in two films, both of which have recently been released on DVD by 20th Century Fox. More

Death Notices

Circuit Court Judge Soloman celebrates new courtroom

After three years, Judge Carol Soloman has finally gotten her own courtroom. Soloman, ruling judge of the eighth circuit court, held an open house in her courtroom Thursday afternoon and took the opportunity to honor eight Glencliff High School students for the mural they painted in her courtroom. More

Predators get look at prospects in tourney

The game plan for the Nashville Predators is to build through draft picks, and based on what he has seen so far Dave Allison likes what the future holds as the team

Titans to swim with Dolphins

When the Tennessee Titans host the Miami Dolphins in Sunday night


District 6 Councilperson Eileen Beehan announced her bid for Juvenile Court Clerk Thursday. Beehan More

Redistricting map won

The Metro Planning Commission Thursday voted during a special meeting to not revisit its Metro Council redistricting plan, a move that displeased some African-American council members in attendance. More

Panther Pride returns

Brian Smith has heard it all about the Maplewood football team in the last two seasons. All of this malice simply because the Panthers lost a few football games. OK, a lot of football games. Make that 19 out of 20 football games over the past two campaigns.

Sports fan buffet on tap

This upcoming weekend may be a little bit more than the average sports fan can handle. We're down to the final days of the Major League baseball season. Fantastic races, especially in the National League. With no labor problems and good pennant races, it's been a super season for the boys of summer. Now comes the question, "Can anybody beat the Yankees?" I don't think so. It's still a pitchers game, and they've got the hosses. More