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Fans expect too much of TSU

The names of

New kids on the block invade your living room

A new player has emerged on the high school football scene, light on its feet and skilled at broad coverage. Nearly every school wants to see this every-down freshman on its sidelines, but the phenom is here today, gone next Friday, off to showcase its talents for another pair of teams. More

Regents seek assistance in cutting college costs

As part of the Tennessee Board of Regents

Too much safety can really be a harmful thing

There's the old admonition: It's better to be safe than sorry. The fact of life is that one can be both safe and sorry

Historic house saved from wrecking ball


Rendezvous with this crossover SUV

Ever notice how tempting it is to lie to a stranger you know you'll never see again? It can't be for gain; it's got to be for sport. See how far you can go before the sucker realizes you're putting him on. More

Having some

ARTS & LETTERS - This Saturday, Sarratt Gallery at Vanderbilt University will open the solo exhibit Thanks, I love you

A & L Briefs

ARTS & LETTERS - Books/Literature, Just for kids, Special exhibits, Festivals and fairs, Performing arts, and Visual arts Opening. More

Death Notices

Flexible fare for the recipe relegated

One of the first classes taught in culinary schools is that a recipe is a template: The ingredients and amounts were chosen by the person who created the recipe to their specifications. Not everyone likes the same foods, so a great recipe to one person might not be enjoyed by another. Be brave. Adapt your recipes to suit different tastes and available ingredients.

City Picks

Here are the headlines in today's City Picks: Earth, Wind & Fire settle in at AmSouth Amphitheatre, Jim Photoglo, Don Henry & Wayland Patton perform at Radio Cafe' and UpTown Mix revels in the blues.

Trumpeters take jazz in different directions

Although the saxophone currently ranks as the most dominant jazz instrument in terms of influence and the guitar is the most popular, trumpeters were the original innovators. Louis Armstrong was the first great soloist on record, and numerous other giants from Roy Eldridge to Dizzy Gillespie to Miles Davis have maintained that bold tradition. More

Greenways forge path to nature, recreation

Greenways, by definition corridors of land and water and the natural, cultural, and recreational resources they link, help us conserve our resources. They include public and private lands, and their planners look for ways to save the best of what More

'Kleopatra' takes a modern look at an ancient queen

ARTS & LETTERS - Karen Essex did not set out to be seduced. Nevertheless, after spending a decade researching and writing a story based on the life of one of the world

Local authors sign their novels this week

ARTS & LETTERS - When the music industry gathers, there

Be a human anti-depressant

I had my attitude adjusted when I drove through Burger King on my morning mission to get a king-size Diet Coke. The smiling face that greets me almost every trip was there to offer the first

Death Notices

News Briefs

Here are the headlines in today's News Briefs: VU prof, student devise eye test and Arthritis group will host forum. More

Renovation speedy at Harding Academy

Harding Academy is moving fast towards the end of its three-year Expansion 2000 initiative. Construction of the 13,151-square-foot arts facility, the last phase of the project, is ahead of schedule and should be finished in December. Since 1998, the school More

Lawsuit threat prods Planning Commission

The Metro Planning Commission