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Death Notices

News Briefs

Here are just a few of the headlines in today's News Briefs: New student registration set for Metro schools, Workshop to teach ancient art of Feng Shui and Boys & Girls Club to host baseball event. More

YMCA campers learn virtues

The camp stresses honesty, respect, responsibility and caring

ABA's ethics overhaul may be no private matter

The American Bar Association is, for the first time in 20 years, looking at a major overhaul of ethics rules for lawyers. And the changes the group is reviewing could have a major impact on your privacy. More

Neighborhood group definitely wouldn

Recent news stories have reported on a proposal to build a gated 11-story "ultra-luxury" high-rise to be called The Marq at the northeast corner of 21st Avenue South and Interstate 440. Most of my neighbors and I believe it would be an inappropriate development for that site. More

Downtown growing greener

Real estate and construction agents from the Matthews Co. on Broadway Thursday began a More

Next speaker of the House could be a woman

San Francisco's Nancy Pelosi is bicoastal. This forward-thinking "time warp" is Pelosi's pitch for party leadership. The California lawmaker is promising to upgrade the Democrats into a state-of-the-art rival to the majority Republicans. More

City Confidential

Susan West-Richardson, Jill-of-all-trades. Historic Nashville is on a mission to preserve Nashville More

Delays give break on airport parking

Nashville Airport officials are monitoring the service of Central Parking System, which took over parking operations there a month ago, after a significant backup Saturday. When traffic lanes exiting the airport became clogged, airport officials said they instructed cashiers to open the gates and allow the traffic to go through without a toll. More

My school

Public high schools in competition for students

Watkins renews search for site

With Watkins College of Art & Design having nixed its efforts to relocate to West Nashville

Cumberland Science Museum launches 3rd annual Astronaut Day

Well, all aboard Spaceship Cumberland. The popular local science museum has a fantasy flight leaving this weekend, and though you may be tempted to send just the kids, the trip will be fun for the whole family.

Silence is golden

Yesterday, Sweetie informed me that he needs at least one hour of silence in the mornings. If he puts on a monk's robe and takes a vow of celibacy, I may need to rethink our relationship. More

Managing mid-life in a ML55

I was walking through the room. Love interest was watching either Oprah or Rosie. Could have been Sally Jessie but the guests were all supermodels. One of them, Rachel or Cindy, could have been Heidi, said she'd taken a year off to "find out who I am." More

Rotti-Mix puppy yearns for home

Each week, we will focus on a new animal that needs a loving home from one of several adoption sites. This week, the folks at Love at First Sight, located at 4423 Murphy Rd. in Sylvan Park, suggested we focus on an incredibly intelligent four-month-old pup named Sarah.

City Picks

Here are the headings in today's City Picks: Healthy eating classes start at Krogers, Zanies welcomes Wanda Sykes, Dancin' in the District jumpstarts the night and Alaskan schoolteacher signs book.

Pick and prune now to get your garden ready for autumn


Metros win

Jeff Houser scored a goal off an assist from Danny DeVall to lead the Nashville Metros to a 1-0 win over the Atlanta Silverbacks last night. More

The famous orphan finds a home

Grieving Titans mourn loss of fallen colleague

Stringer, a 27-year-old Pro Bowl player, was pronounced dead just before 2 a.m. Wednesday after suffering a heat stroke at Tuesday practice that caused his body temperature to reach 108 degrees and shut down many of his vital organs. More