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Titans hit training camp

This time in addition to those annual competitions, there are a number of starting spots up for grabs

Top rusher Reece credits linemen

Move fast, hit the open hole and don


Emboldened with two championship rings, Shaquille O More

Death Notices

Solar-powered station donates energy to needy

BP and NES have finalized an agreement that allows the new BP Connect station at the I-40 exit on Old Hickory Boulevard in Bellevue to donate energy generated by an on-site solar canopy to low-income households. More

Pet owners get a sneak peek at luxury animal resort

Pet Resorts of America at 7200 Charlotte Pike will hold an open house Aug. 2 from 3-7 p.m. Phase I is nearly finished, said general manager Earl Varden. He added that the 15,000-square-foot facility will have space for 102 dogs and between 45-50 cats. More

News Briefs

Here are the headlines in today's News Briefs: Hospital sets date for mammograms, Seminar on the future of Middle Tennessee, TSU offers campus tour with use of high-tech and Vanderbilt and Metro Schools partner up. More

Midtown apartment house faces an uncertain future

The Metro Codes Administration has instructed the owner of a pre-World War I apartment building in Midtown to either repair it or tear it down. More

Four bluebird boxes destroyed at Shelby Bottoms walking trail

Four of the 24 Bluebird nesting boxes erected at Shelby Bottoms walking trail last spring were destroyed last week either by vandals or construction traffic. More

Skyline North Council to beautify area with trees

Members of the Chamber of Commerce More

Talking heads sweep real issues under Condit

They have turned a family tragedy into a feeding frenzy by which they hope to fatten their ratings, and it must be working or they would stop. They rationalize their Levy obsession with the fact a congressman was having an affair with her.

Silence of the shams: Who is today

Bobby Kennedy wanted to right wrongs, and he was willing to alienate those closest to him to accomplish that. He took corruption personally and was determined to destroy it, even though there wasn't much in it for him. More

And now for something astrologically silly

Lots of people make lists about things Southerners like and dislike, and the way we behave. But astrological signs are a new one on us. In the spirit of a hot summer day when there More

MTA to use experimental bike racks on bus route

What started as an annual event, Bike-to-Work Friday, is now a monthly effort to promote the use of bikes for transportation. The bike rack trial will offer people the option of taking the bus to work and biking home or the other way around. More

City Picks

Here are some of the headlines in today's City Picks: Shooting Guns at the Exit/In, F. Scott's Christmas in July and Maggi, Pierce and E.J. play Radio Cafe'.

Disciplinary hearing for Metro officers today

Two Metro police officers charged with departmental violations in the longest internal investigation in Metro

New East Nashville school clears bureaucratic hurdles

East Academy, East Nashville

Eat your vegetables

Vegetarian or vegan, appetizing alternatives abound. Commonly, vegetarians fall into three categories: lactovegetarians, ovolactovegetarians, and vegans. More

Self-taught and divinely-inspired artists paint inside the lines and ouside the box More

Classic reggae releases bring back the

Throughout this decade, many top Jamaican artists, from chanting More