Ex-Planet Hollywood goes Global

Eleven years after the fact, many Nashvillians still recall their excitement upon learning that a Planet Hollywood was slated for downtown. More

Conversation With a Lead

Since 1980, when Jeff Walker started AristoMedia Group to handle music publicity and public relations, the company has been in the forefront of promoting and marketing country music internationally. At its 25th anniversary, it More


The Internal Revenue Service is inviting civic-minded individuals to help improve the nation More

It takes a Village

Welcome to Nashville, Lenox Village. South Davidson County

Executive Appointments

Mailnet Services promotes Cornelius More Bennett named manager at Driver

Banking on Nashville

Banking is not only big business in the Nashville metropolitan area, it is also big-time philanthropy. More

Addressing ADD in the workplace

Difficulty concentrating. Weak organizational and time-management skills. Trouble completing tasks. Procrastination. Impulsive behavior. Not exactly the types of characteristics most human resources professionals are looking for in an ideal employee. More

Inflation fears create turbulence

Last week

Legal Listings

New Corporations More New Businesses Marriages Real Estate

As a former producer for a major record label, Ian D
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