Supreme Court ruling

Twenty years after upholding the legality of the home video recorder, the U.S. Supreme Court will soon take up the issue of copying and sharing recorded music and movies in the digital age. More

Business rides wave of new trend

The new trend in retail businesses, and even restaurants, is towards teaser or attraction entertainment. More

Legal listings for 02-01-2005

Real estate More New corporations New Businesses Marriages

Legal listings 1-31-2005

Real Estate More New Corporations New Businesses Marriages

Legal listings

Real Estate More New Corporations New Businesses Marriages

Emotional experiences

A positive experience, for most people, will yield feelings of happiness, satisfaction, surprise and pleasure. It will also yield behavior in accord with those feelings or emotions. More

First Horizon hits top 100

First Horizon National Corp., parent company of First Tennessee, has been named the nation's 68th-best employer, earning a spot on Fortune magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For. More

Avatar looks to stop viruses

Avatar BioSci Inc. believes there is an answer to the age-old question,

A conversation with a leader: Carol Ann Penterman

In the 10 years since Penterman was hired to run the Nashville Opera Company, it has quintupled its budget to nearly $2 million and stages four major productions each year. More

Bankers to the stars

The modern glass-and-brick office building at 1026 17th Ave. S. throws off no hints that it
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