Bush's symbolism sends fine message of strength

I think it was Adlai Stevenson who said that America can choke on a gnat but swallow tigers whole. We've just defeated the rabid tiger of Saddam Hussein, but we're gagging over one of the most insignificant controversies in a long while. I'm referring, of course, to the "scandal" of President Bush landing on an aircraft carrier. More

Public policy forgets we have common sense

We had to laugh at the recent news that the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine had issued a report criticizing fast-food salads as having too much fat in them. More

U.S. initiates a painful passage toward peace


Casinos play high-stakes game with privacy

Will Bush the Younger see history repeat itself?

Last week a student appeared in Steve's office at George Washington University, and with tears welling in her eyes, she talked about the bleak picture facing her after graduation. More

Letters To The Editor

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Americans now reward people for bad behavior

Perhaps the most profound change in American society over the past 40 years is how bad behavior is processed. When I grew up in the 1960s, bad boys and girls were usually held accountable for their misbehavior, punishment was almost a lock, and very few scandals resulted in profit participation. More

Playing fast and loose with state lottery money

Who, in January, thought it would take six months to pass a lottery bill? But here we are in May still waiting to play our first $2 lottery game at the local convenience store. More

Principle of free society: People own themselves

My recent column


As Americans, we would not knowingly let foreign terrorists take over the street corners in our neighborhoods and ignore that their business is enforcing their destructive will. We would demand that law enforcement uproot them from our doorsteps. More
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