NOW leader makes bad choice in abortion debate

Future public-relations students someday will study what may become known as "The Mavra Stark Mistake." Stark is the president of the National Organization for Women's Morris County, N.J., chapter who is protesting the double-murder charge in the Laci Peterson case. More

Heavy backpacks should be outlawed in state

Any parent who has seen her children struggle to hoist a 50-pound backpack over their tiny shoulders will endorse Sen. Curtis Person


The term

SARS fear could send global economy reeling

The United State

World-changing science project gets short shrift

A marvel of modern scientific discovery

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So Canada is no longer playing the nice guy, ey?

Oh, Canada, what the heck is going on? In a staggering display of in-your-face defiance, the Canadian government now says it will not turn over any members of Saddam Hussein's crew

This young man needs a hand up, not a hand out

As I tipped down Chicago's State Street toward Marshall Field's, all I could think about was needing a pair of flat shoes. "Miss, would you be interested in buying something?" a young man asked as he walked up to me holding a cardboard box. More

Why Jordan earns more cash than burger flippers

Here's part of a letter from a reader: "A hard-working, conscientious person can earn $10,000 a year in a fast-food restaurant. At the same time, movie stars and athletes, who make very little contribution to society, can earn in excess of $10 million a year. A baseball player earns more with every swing of the bat than many people do in a year." More


How many e-mail messages did you have when you sat down in front of your computer today? How many of them were actually for you
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