New devices help us empathize with our troops

Americans have been glued to their television sets the last few days watching the unfolding war in Iraq. And one of the fascinating aspects of the unfolding battle is that viewers are watching it in real time as reporters outfitted with high-tech equipment beam back video as the troops move forward. More

Eerie to watch Baghdad blasted while fixing dinner

In the hours and days since 7 p.m. Wednesday, the U.S. deadline for Saddam Hussein to leave his country or face American-made Armageddon, I've been like a guy on Super Bowl Sunday with the remote control, flipping channels madly looking for the latest play. More

Networks playing second fiddle to cable news outlets

There should no longer be any doubt that the broadcast networks are playing second fiddle to cable outlets in terms of serious journalism. Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw may make a lot more money, but it wasn

Bush needs to make hard choices on paying for war

President Bush has decided to go to war. But he has not made the hard choices necessary to pay for that war. More

United States vs. Iraq: what the stats say

The World Factbook is compiled each year by the Central Intelligence Agency. It is a fascinating compendium of information on virtually every country in the world, from what they export to how many television sets they have. More

Liberty, democracy must be continually purchased

One of the greatest heroes of World War I was a quiet Tennessean named Alvin C. York. York was a pacifist who answered his country

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Bush can call war

In one last attempt to drum up support for war in Iraq, the White House is wrapping itself in the divine. More

Both sides of issue make United States great

The protests against the war with Iraq in Nashville haven

Without capitalism, we

We've all seen gasoline prices rising. Is that good news or bad news? Congress could enact price controls and "odd and even" days for gasoline purchases like they did in the 1970s. More
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