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The Eating Life: Of hot sauce and salvation

How one nonbeliever embraced a group of immigrants and found religion More
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The Eating Life: Why are we fat?

In his book 'Fat Chance,' Robert Lustig says science points to carbs and sugar as the culprits More

The Eating Life: Himalayan salt block cooking

The slab of salt from Pakistan is exotic and a lot of fun, even if you won’t use it for every meal More

The Eating Life: Rediscovering the nuclear option for dinner

It’s not perfect, but you can make fabulous food in a microwave More

The Eating Life: Tennessee's Five Star builds ranges for home, but with industrial strength

Brown Stove Works may not be household name, but it's been making stoves for more than 70 years More

The Eating Life: Making bacon means learning language of salt, smoke and time

In Tennessee, the word 'meat' has historically meant bacon More

The Eating Life: How Beans Creek went from being ‘good for Tennessee’ to just plain good

In Manchester, Tom Brown's family winery turns out wines of both high quantity and quality   More

The Eating Life: In search of the perfect turkey

Matt Bolus, of Flyte World Dining, bests the beast with a glorious grilling project More

Welcome to The Eating Life, a new column exploring recipes, techniques and love of food

Nicki Pendleton Wood explores the 'fantastically delicious, unusual or interesting' in world of food and cooking More
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