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Crack cocaine vs. powder sentencing debate back in federal court

Fair Sentencing Act may not apply retroactively to all cases More

State appeals ruling in Occupy Nashville case

Trauger ruled Cates, Gibbons were liable for damages both in capacities as state officials and individually More

Year in Review: Blockbuster sex-trafficking case has yielded few convictions so far

Two years after first indictment of nearly 30 defendants, judge overturns three convictions from April trial More

'Radnor Lake Rambo' loses appeals court ruling on guns in parks

The 6th Circuit determined that the park rangers acted reasonably by disarming Embody and did not violate his second or fourth amendment rights. More

ACLU, others support Villegas’ fight against Metro appeal

Metro is appealing April 2011 decision to grant summary judgment in Villegas' favor More

Plan to drug-test welfare recipients presses on despite potential legal roadblocks

State attorney general's office issued two unfavorable opinions on measure, but Hurley and Campfield push on More
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