Guitar man: Brad Paisley tunes up for memoir

With 'Diary of a Player,' Brad Paisley the songwriter becomes Brad Paisley the memoirist More

Chapter 16: Maternal instincts

Six years ago, state authorities in Florida investigated a child neglect case so vile and gut-wrenching that even an experienced social worker and a cop found themselves vomiting at the scene. More

Chapter 16: High-country song

Lyricist Joe Henry pays homage to lives molded by the American West in 'Lime Creek' More

Building stories

Robin Hood and James A. Crutchfield take readers on an architectural tour of Tennessee history More  

Books: Creating the playground

Michael Martone talks about rewired culture and collapsing categories More

Authors enjoy connecting the bones

Jon Jefferson and Bill Bass talk about the Body Farm, The Bone Thief, murder mysteries, and how human bodies turn into soap More

Author delivers queen of heartbreak's life story

Jimmy McDonough talks about presenting to readers the first full-scale biography of Tammy Wynette More

Author shows that history begins at home

In The Washingtons of Wessyngton Plantation, John F. Baker Jr. uncovers the story of his family — and the American experiment More

Maraniss speaks in defense of print

A talk with the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist about his own writer's journey More

New book is a window into Nashville’s soul

Local journalists explore the city’s architectural riches in image and word More
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