Davidson County’s clerks show a history of bad judgment

David Torrence, John Arriola are only the latest to face media, public scrutiny More

District attorney's pressure likely forced Torrence's resignation

Probe finds embattled former clerk averaged 19 hours of work per week More

Burch: Worship the clerk

Why would a clerk's name warrant star billing?  More

Son of disgraced Torrence says father unfairly forced from job

Joshua Torrence cites 'good old boys' trying to harm dad's reputation More

Up for Debate: Taking over for Torrence

‘The City Paper’ asks its readers to weigh in on an issue of the day More

Metro Council will likely appoint David Torrence's replacement

Criminal Court clerk's resignation to spur multi-phased replacement process More

'Pork Report' slams Torrence, business and green incentives

Report also attacks government health care for Metro Council  More

How embattled Criminal Court Clerk David Torrence could lose his job

Veteran elected official — following damning Channel 4 report — faces possible ouster suit More

Torrence matter spurs legislation addressing vehicle use, salary

Bill co-sponsors Tygard, Steine want to see clerk's 10 percent raise revoked More

DA's office to investigate embattled Criminal Court clerk

Torrence's work schedule, use of company car spur concerns  More
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