State Senate votes to nullify Metro's anti-gay bias ordinance

Republicans cast bill as aiding state's economy by prohibiting conflicting regulations in Tennessee's cities More

Burch: Petty potty politics

What is the connection between child molestation in a restroom and basic rights for GLBTs?  More

Legislature moves quickly to nullify council's newly adopted nondiscrimination ordinance

Subcommittee adopts legislation to bar state's cities from enacting their own GLBT anti-bias policies More

Metro vendors must have sexual orientation, gender identity in nondiscrimination policies

Council approves controversial bill in a victory for city's progressives More

Reader comment

Family Action Council support of Tea Party speaks volumes More

Nondiscrimination ordinance spotlight shines on Tygard

Policy would make it unlawful to discriminate against Metro workers on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity More
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