House approves changes to workers' compensation system

Measure would remove workers' compensation cases from trial courts, create special panels to hear claims and appeals More

Welfare for grades bill pulled, Campfield vows to bring back in 2014

Under the legislation, benefits given to people under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, could see their payments docked 30 percent if their child fails to graduate to the next grade level More

Haslam takes unscheduled trip to D.C., likely to talk Medicaid expansion

Gov. More

Most top issues decided as legislative session hits final lap

Haslam's withdrawal of proposal highlights his sometimes-contentious relationship with GOP legislators More

Burch: Dark matter detected in Tennessee!

Dark matter may hold universe together, but in Tennessee it seems more likely to make things fly apart More

Haslam's proposed voucher program abandoned

Brian Kelsey led charge to add changes to governor’s bill despite Haslam’s urging that it remain untouched More

Haslam has ‘major problem' with changing U.S. Senate nominations

Asked whether Haslam's disapproval would equal a veto, the governor said 'I think it very strongly could be' More

Senate approves bill to change injured workers' fund

Legislation that seeks to change how injured workers' claims are considered passes Senate More

Weekly Obsession: Haslam chooses Ayn Rand over Edmund Burke

Republicans have shown despite what governor says, it’s not 'least among us' they care about but largest More

Southern governors form solid block against Obamacare

Haslam told Tennessee lawmakers that he'd rather use any new money to subsidize private insurance.  More
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