Tea Party group urges defeat of ‘insidious’ nondiscrimination bill

Group says proposed Metro ordinance carries statewide implications More

State legislation filed to block proposed Metro nondiscrimination bill

Casada says local governments should not 'implement their morality' on businesses More

Howe letter urges council reps to pass nondiscrimination bill

Former Belmont women's soccer coach says requirements would not place 'undue burdens' on companies doing business with Metro More

Conservative leader targets five on Metro Council to defeat nondiscrimination bill

Family Action Council's Fowler believes members represent swing votes More

Local businesses support proposed Metro nondiscrimination bill

Tennessee Equality Project's CANDO campaign draws more than 50 businesses, organizations More

Nondiscrimination bill survives unusual first-reading vote

Ordinance would require Metro contractors to adopt policies covering sexual orientation and gender identity More

Chamber, mayor still mum on bias bill aimed at contractors

Gotto says proposal could have 'chilling effect' on businesses More

Lisa Howe hoping for approval of Metro anti-discrimination bill

Former Belmont soccer coach wants to attend council meetings, push equality issues More

Letter to the Editor

Why are councilmen legislating morality? More

Casada wants to keep cities from extending nondiscrimination policies

Bill would prevent municipalities from creating laws that require contractors to have nondiscrimination policies More
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