Gun shows, Internet keep weapons flowing around background checks

Under guise of private sale, unlicensed dealers are able to operate outside of rules and regulations More

Gun advocates still pushing for expanded access to firearms

Despite deaths in Newtown, some Tennessee lawmakers say solution to problem is more guns, not less More

Booted GOP leader fears legislators risk getting 'Maggartized' by special interests

Debra Maggart lost to newcomer after interest groups poured in more than $100,000 to unseat her in primary More

50 shades of red: With GOP supermajorities come many factions to herd

Republican caucus is made up of varying interests, but multiple voting blocks overlap   More

Pair of high-profile primary fights affirms power of Diane Black, NRA

House GOP Caucus chair Debra Maggart ended up on wrong end of NRA's Political Victory Fund More

State: Incumbents Maggart and Pruitt bested, while Black easily defeats Zelenik

In House District 53, Jason Powell won Democratic primary over Metro Councilman Jason Potts More

In firearms-friendly state, gun lobby finds limit in advocating Second Amendment rights

Increasingly irritated lawmakers eventually cut the Tennessee Firearms Association out of negotiations More

Gun lobby displeased after state Republicans tried to focus on economy during session

Firearms group leader accuses GOP of treating gun proponents as 'the unwanted stepchildren' of Tennessee politics More

ATF says federal law trumps state firearms act

Federal agency says that one of a myriad of gun laws passed last legislative session is essentially meaningless More
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