Weekly Obsession: The swaggering suburb

Forest Hills commissioners create court, set first docket for Dec. 20   More

Despite Metro's objection, Forest Hills launches court, appoints judge

A chancery court suit filed by Metro in August is ongoing More

Lakewood ended functions prior to collecting $450K in traffic fines

Metro Council resolution would waive fines, court costs More

Reader comment

No problems with review of Lakewood vote More

Man awaiting trial for alleged fraud faces additional charges

FractionAir founder allegedly charged rent on property he did not own More

Lakewood officials request names of those who voted in referendum

Satellite city's commission asks for voter info as end of Lakewood charter looms More

Slim 11-vote differential on second referendum means end to Lakewood

Citizens vote to have satellite city dissolve fully into Metro government More

Lakewood citizens to vote again to revoke satellite city's charter

August saw 400-399 vote to dissolve and join Metro More

Public works crews remain ready to clear snowy streets

Salt trucks in full mode as more snow expected More

Obsession: Lakewood has a fixed history

Lakewood is most famous these days for being a little stretch on Old Hickory Boulevard where it is wise to hit the brakes. More
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