Court rules against man who claims state gun carry laws are unconstitutional

Leonard Embody filed suit in 2010 after state officials took away his carry permit More

'Radnor Lake Rambo' loses appeals court ruling on guns in parks

The 6th Circuit determined that the park rangers acted reasonably by disarming Embody and did not violate his second or fourth amendment rights. More

'Radnor Lake Rambo' sees state suit shot down in chancery court

Leonard Embody says he'll appeal decision that claims were without merit, failed to show infringement on rights More

Chancellor dismisses gun-toting man's complaint against state

Embody wielded pistols in Belle Meade, Radnor; Perkins cites Kendall v. State in his ruling More

Radnor Lake Rambo drops appeal of handgun permit revocation

Embody pursing lawsuits against state, Williamson County sheriff and Radnor Lake park ranger More

Belle Meade revisits handgun carry laws

Radnor Lake Rambo causes city to consider removing Reconstruction-era law aimed at blacks More

George: Guns rights and wrongs

The last time I fired a handgun was a few months before I moved to Nashville, which was in January, and the last time before that was when I was a child, probably just short of the teenage years More

Gun rights activist sues state after carry permit revoked

‘Radnor Lake Rambo’ hopes to use episodes in state park and on Belle Meade Boulevard to change Tennessee law More

Mayor dispels rumor about Belle Meade gun ban

Radnor Lake Rambo prompts change in city law More

Rex: Radnor Lake Rambo returns

Man strolls Belle Meade Boulevard carrying Navy model black powder pistol More
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