In Metro, election certification rather than voter ID brings cause for concern

Short period between election and certification means candidates most act quickly if they believe problem exists More

Memphis sues state over photo ID law, use of library cards

Memphis enacted a program earlier this year to help citizens obtain library cards with photos on them More

Lincoln Davis sues state, claims he was 'unlawfully purged' from voter rolls

Former state representative estimates 70,000 purged voters in state might have been in same situation More

Election Commission to host meetings on new voter photo ID law

Meetings to be held next week at Glencliff and Whites Creek high schools More

Tennesseans need photo ID to vote — which could minimize fraud or disenfranchise many

Republican supporters of law point to Rhode Island's Dems, who instituted a similar policy More

Ramsey disputes claims photo ID law will disenfranchise voters

Republican lieutenant governor offers to help Democrats obtain proper identification More

State starts education campaign regarding voter photo ID law

Law takes effect with 2012 elections More

Republicans move to maintain electronic voting machines

Democrats counter by insisting 2008 reform law — involving paper ballot usage — should be upheld More

Senate committee approves bill requiring voters use photo IDs

State elections coordinator supports Republican effort to reduce voter fraud More
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