Burch: Raging hypocrisy

'Why are we paying ... self-serving hypocrites to protect themselves while turning our children into sitting ducks?' More

Burch: Revenge of the rubes

The 'rubes' dearly love Blackburn and Black because they vote in line with Republicans 99 percent of time   More

Burch: Blackburn channels her inner Yoda

In convoluted, ungrammatical way, Blackburn helps NRA shift focus away from oversupply of weapons, ammo   More

Burch: "Enough"

Like lower life forms, NRA seems to lash out mindlessly at anything different that crosses its path   More

Burch: The 'whiz-dumb' of the NRA

NRA and political allies don’t believe in facts, statistics or science, but rather blind faith More

Burch: A moment of silence

The fearmongering National Rifle Association is lying to the American public   More

Burch: End of the world as we know it?

Flooding nation with assault weapons and ammo is something only dodos — not an intelligent species — would do   More

Burch: The Second Reconstruction?

Let’s hope Obama can save the South from self-enslavement More

Burch: Thanks & Giving

Tennesseans are known for such giving, and rightfully so, in my experience More

Burch: State of the Disunion

'There was once a minor fracas called the Civil War over the question of secession' More
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