Burch: President Barack Obama 'outed'

True equality remains elusive dream because the men in power always favor people who look and act like themselves More

Burch: Mitt Romney’s $101M Cayman Island IRAs

Appearances and organizational skills aside, Mitt Romney is hard to figure out More

Burch: The DEA's war on patients

The so-called 'War on Drugs' is an abysmal failure More

Burch: Land’s lost at sea again

It seems “religious freedom” only applies when it suits the SBC’s purposes More

Burch: No hand-holding

No one should be fooled into believing not talking about sex does any good whatsoever More

Burch: Birthers bamboozled

Understandably, the U.S. name remains Mudd in the Middle East More

Burch: GOP targets women

Are Republican 'alpha males' chipping away at women's rights movement? More

Burch: GOP would deny women access to aspirin!

If Santorum is sworn into office expect him to sign legislation denying women right to abortion, contraceptives and ... aspirin?   More

Burch: American Ayatollah

Santorum would be Church Lady hilarious if he wasn’t two steps from the White House More

Burch: A rose by any other name

Southern Baptist Convention damns everyone to 'hell' then frantically tries to 'save' them   More
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