Burch: Let's hire a fox to watch the hens

The way to achieve peace is to correct racial injustices, not go on a religion-inspired witch hunt   More

Burch: Rick Santorum — choirboy or inquisitor?

Santorum’s cult of one harbors puritanical beliefs and tyrannical attitude   More

Burch: The viceman cometh

Mr. Gingrich’s only remaining hope is probably to sweep the Bible Belt More

Burch: Invasions of privacy and 'privates'

If we ended government interference, we could save lives, money, and keep other people’s eyes and hands out of our 'personal business' More

Burch: O, what a tangled web

What's more important: protecting the rights of 300 million law-abiding American citizens, or turning the Internet into a Gulag to reduce piracy? More

Burch: We are no longer free or equal

The NDAA ignores critical parts of the Constitution and Bill of Rights   More

Burch: Family values or folly?

If we care about our families, we should vote equality, tolerance and peace, not racism, intolerance and war     More

Burch: The dark side of voting for tax cuts

Before rushing out to the Tea Party, consider what that vote will mean More

Burch: Warren 'buffets' GOP grinches

Republican leaders deride Buffet’s proposal to repeal tax cuts for highest wage earners as 'class warfare'   More

Burch: An interview with a Tea Party superstar

The Lord of the Jungle takes a swing at the tough issues  More
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