Haslam: We'll know by summer whether alternative Medicaid expansion will work

Administration focused on what co-pays would be required on certain treatments at specific poverty levels More

Up for Debate: Southern governors block Obamacare

'The City Paper' asks readers to weigh in on an issue of the day   More

Haslam rejects TennCare expansion under Affordable Care Act

Governor says he's researching alternative to buy private health insurance for 175,000 low-income people More

Burch: March madness, continued

Both nationally and here at home, Republicans seem to be madder than March hares More

Haslam rejects federal partnership in running insurance exchange

Haslam decided in December the state would not run the health insurance exchange on its own More

Haslam decides to pass on state-run health insurance exchange

Governor says federal government hasn’t given him enough confidence to buy into idea of running exchange   More

With deadline looming, Haslam weighs state’s role in Obamacare

GOP majorities stuck between not wanting to have anything to do with Obamacare and local control of program More

Haslam delays decision on running health insurance exchange

Governor said he wants extra time to get answers from Obama administration about details of exchanges   More

Cooper predicts court will uphold Obama's health care mandate

Supreme Court's decision on mandate, widely seen as linchpin to entire law, could come as early as June More

Commentary: Defying Obamacare

The days when there were Democrats who refused to follow their radical left-wing party line are over More
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