All charges against Occupy Nashville protesters dropped

Anti-Wall Street group claims victory after state declines to pursue legal action against protesters arrested over two nights More

Haslam to request Occupy Nashville charges be dropped

Charges resulted from 55 arrests over two nights More

After troopers enforce curfew, Haslam administration faces trouble explaining policy

First Amendment issue with curfew enforcement raises questions of how administration created the policy More

Burch: ‘Wild Bill’ Haslam leads Lightless Brigade

Republicans seem intent on making Tennessee the laughingstock of the nation More

Journalists seek apology from Haslam over reporter's arrest

Actions of state troopers called 'unlawful' and 'outrageous'; group recommends training for officers More

Federal judge halts arrests of Occupy Nashville protesters

An injunction hearing is set for later this month More

Lawsuit aims to block governor from arresting Occupy protesters

ACLU suit filed on behalf of six arrested protesters, seeks temporary injunction against attempt to impose curfew, permits on Legislative Plaza More

Protesters, reporter released after second round of arrests on plaza

Magistrate finds "no authority" for state enforcement of curfew on plaza More

State troopers arrest, evict Occupy Nashville protesters

 At least 25 arrested, given citations and then released after 3 a.m. action by troopers More

State announces overnight curfew on Legislative Plaza, aims to evict Occupy protesters

Curfew will not go into effect until after Thursday night More
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