Rep. DesJarlais reprimanded for sex with patients

Republican won re-election despite revelations he had affairs with patients, once urged one to seek abortion More

Tennessee delegation receives congressional committee assignments

Rep. Blackburn steps up as vice chairwoman of House of Representative’s Energy and Commerce Committee   More

Sen. Lamar Alexander names 2014 re-election campaign co-chairs, minus DesJarlais

Asked about the omission of DesJarlais, an Alexander aide said, 'Both agreed it would be a distraction' More

Weekly Obsession: Brush > Pen > Sword

'Chattanooga Times Free Press' political cartoon skips finesse for equivalent of blunt object More

Weekly Obsession: Congressman DesJarlais’ October surprise

Will reports of conservative candidate encouraging a woman — a patient — to have an abortion be a 'game changer'?    More
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