Haslam's proposed voucher program abandoned

Brian Kelsey led charge to add changes to governor’s bill despite Haslam’s urging that it remain untouched More

Momentum building to buck Haslam’s voucher bill for 'very expansive' one

Kelsey tells committee members Wednesday he has plan ready for 'very expansive' program   More

Haslam proposes $32B budget calling for school vouchers, job cuts, tax cuts

Plan includes reducing grocery tax to 5% from 5.25%, which amounts to saving 25 cents for every $100 More

Analysis: Voucher momentum is growing on Capitol Hill

With Haslam behind the plan, school choice is coming in some form, but any new law comes with questions More

Year in Review: Education tops 2012 newsmaker list as state, Metro grapple over schools

Battles over Great Hearts application, school board elections and vouchers led education headlines in 2012 More

Council to weigh in on voucher program, charter authorizer

Council set to take up non-binding memorializing resolution on proposed state legislation More

Metro's Great Hearts denial motivates legislature to push vouchers plan

Harwell says if Metro is concerned about vouchers it should've been more conscientious in approving charter More

Will Tennessee parents get vouchers?

Signs so far point to a legislature warming to so-called voucher program in 2012 if Haslam gives his blessing More

The Education Issue: a look at the decisions facing Nashville parents

From vouchers to cost of college and choosing public or private, 'City Paper' reporters help cut through the data More

A political fight brews as Tennessee considers controversial education reform

School voucher bill killed last legislative session expected to rise again in January More
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