Gov. Haslam signs ignition interlock bill requiring device for first-time DUI offenders

In turn, those convicted of DUI won't get a restricted driver's license and will be allowed to drive anywhere More

Analysis of lawmaker expenses killed in House

Curry Todd moves to delay consideration of measure until after Legislature adjourns next year More

Weekly Obsession: Mae Beavers vs. 'Marbury v. Madison'

Sen. Beavers sponsors bill to make it a felony for federal agents to enforce federal gun laws in Tennessee More

Senate OKs amending state constitution to change how judges are selected

Top GOP leaders, including governor and speakers, have said they oppose idea of judges running campaigns   More

In symbolic vote, state Senate opts to join health care compacts

Tea Party-backed legislation would enable state to consider how to spend federal money dedicated to Medicare and Medicaid  More

State Republicans advance attorney general initiative

GOP unhappy with Cooper for his refusal to sue federal government over health care reform law More

Tea Party wants state to join proposed compact aimed at health care reform law

Beavers, Ramsey support effort that would require Congressional approval More
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