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First Horizon hits top 100

First Horizon National Corp., parent company of First Tennessee, has been named the nation's 68th-best employer, earning a spot on Fortune magazine's 100 Best Companies to Work For. More

Eclectic entrepreneur funnels business energy

His business card reads

Avatar looks to stop viruses

Avatar BioSci Inc. believes there is an answer to the age-old question,

Watkins students learn about the art of giving

Artists have a responsibility to society or, at least, that is one of the hands-on lessons being taught at Watkins College of Art & Design. More

A conversation with a leader: Carol Ann Penterman

In the 10 years since Penterman was hired to run the Nashville Opera Company, it has quintupled its budget to nearly $2 million and stages four major productions each year. More

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Stites & Harbison launches new ad campaign More Nashville State receives $35,000 IT grant Economic forecaster to give predictions

Executive appointments

Lynette A. Gillis, M.D., has joined the faculty of Vanderbilt University Medical Center as assistant professor of Pediatrics in the divisions of pediatric gastroenterology, hepatology and nutrition and medical genetics. More

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Bankers to the stars

The modern glass-and-brick office building at 1026 17th Ave. S. throws off no hints that it

Emotional experiences

A positive experience, for most people, will yield feelings of happiness, satisfaction, surprise and pleasure. It will also yield behavior in accord with those feelings or emotions. More

Goals needed for career, life

Just like planning for a trip, determining what direction you want to take in your career is extremely helpful in reaching your desired destination. More

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Real Estate More New Corporations New Businesses Marriages

Legal Listings

Real Estate More New Corporations New Businesses Marriages

Legal Listings

Real Estate More New Corporations New Businesses

Legal Listings

Real Estate More New Corporations New Businesses

Take restrictive work agreements seriously

Executives and professionals moving to new positions or to new employers are often asked to sign restrictive agreements or covenants as part of the employment process. These contracts generally seek to restrict information an employee can divulge to outside sources or to limit potential competition in some way. More

Sweets-maker tastes success

E. Gayle O

One-piece monitoring system redefines prison industry

Having put in time behind desks in the private prison industry, a couple of seasoned corrections veterans have turned their sights toward the heavens. More

Habitat HomeStore thrives on donations

Support from donors and shoppers have made the 1-year-old Habitat HomeStore so successful that it is able to fund the construction of a house by its parent organization, Nashville Area Habitat for Humanity. More

A conversation with a leader

Thomas Bryan Conner III, Monster Labs Inc., president, CFO and founder More