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Batten & Shaw adds Speirs, Blackwelder Peterson receives mentor award Nashville RBI Announces 2004-2005 board of directors more ... More

NFIB fights for small businesses

While running interference for America

Take restrictive work agreements seriously

Executives and professionals moving to new positions or to new employers are often asked to sign restrictive agreements or covenants as part of the employment process. These contracts generally seek to restrict information an employee can divulge to outside sources or to limit potential competition in some way. More

Sweets-maker tastes success

E. Gayle O

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Legal Listings

Real Estate More New Businesses Marriages

Legal Listings

Real Estate More New Businesses Marriages

Legal Listings

Real Estate More New Businesses Marriages

Cracker Barrel warehouse in Lebanon

An antique lover could drool for hours walking through Cracker Barrel's 26,000-square-foot d

Surprising Broca

The average American is confronted with more than 3,000 advertising messages a day, making it next to impossible for advertisers to break through the clutter. More

Studio warehouse offers music alternative

People looking for something other than a country music experience in the Nashville area can find an alternative at a unique studio warehouse in Franklin. More

Country stars work for the children

Like many country music stars, Jamie O'Neal tries to clear her calendar one week a year for one performance she won't get paid for. More

David Redditt Jeter: A conversation with a leader

The Tennessee State Fair operates the fairgrounds in Nashville and hosts events such as the annual fair, car racing, pay-per-view wrestling matches, various trade shows and flea markets. More

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MEINL USA to handle Canadian distribution More Veteran industry officials launch Principal Communication more ...

Understanding formal presentations can help your career

One of the things that people list as their greatest fear in business is making a formal presentation before a large group. More

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Vision Real Estate adds Parker to team More Meszoely joins VUMC Faculty more ...


Posted: January 11, 11:03 a.m. CSTNashville-based PACE

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