Cumberland River back below flood stage

Thursday, May 6, 2010 at 7:19pm

The Cumberland River is no longer exceeding its flood stage.

Mayor Karl Dean said Thursday the Cumberland is at 39.54 feet, dropping below flood stage a day earlier than expected.

But Metro’s water situation still seems precarious. Metro Water Services Director Scott Potter said water reserves are operating at 51 percent capacity, adding that the K.R. Harrington treatment plant, which had been submerged by floodwater, is “not close” to being back online.

“Since 8 a.m. [Thursday], our consumption of drinking water has equaled pretty much our rate of production,” he said. “We need to reinforce the message that water conservation is critical.”

Meanwhile, Metro is moving forward with recovery efforts.

A day after Metro police’s urban search and rescue team surveyed some 700 houses, the team hit another 380 homes. Officers are focusing on houses that received the greatest amount of damage as a result of the weekend of flooding.

No additional victims have been found, and the death toll remains at nine.