Mayor says water conservation needs to continue through May

Thursday, May 13, 2010 at 10:56am

Repairs at the damaged K.R. Harrington water treatment plant are progressing, but Nashville’s water conservation efforts need to continue through the end of the month, Mayor Karl Dean said Thursday morning.

According to Metro Water Services Director Scott Potter, Nashvillians have clearly limited their water use. As of Thursday morning, Metro’s water reserves were operating at 90 percent of capacity. At the bleakest point, they had dwindled down to 37 percent of operating capacity.

“That’s a direct result of conservation efforts,” Potter said of the bump.

Still, it appears workers will need a few more weeks to restore K.R. Harrington, which had been submerged by floodwater earlier this month. In the meantime, the Omohundro plant off Lebanon Pike will be the lone facility treating water in Davidson County.

“Our residents and businesses should be prepared to continue with their conservation efforts at least through the end of the month,” Dean said.

Continued conservation efforts don’t need to be as intense, however. Going forward, Metro officials are asking citizens to reduce consumption to 70 percent of their normal water use, as opposed to cutting their consumption in half, as previously requested.

Potter stressed Metro’s water has been signed off as safe by both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation.

Metro appears to be in good standing thanks, in part, to the Wilson West, Madison Suburban and Harpeth Valley utility districts, which have allowed Metro to connect to their water supplies.

“We would not be where we are today from a water supply perspective if it were not for the help of these utility districts,” Potter said.

On the opposite end of Metro’s water cycle, Potter said all 25 of the city’s wastewater plants that had experienced some flooding are now up and running.


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By: dargent7 on 5/14/10 at 5:12

Can't wash the car for a month? The reserves are 88% and we've been getting rain all week, and will next week. Water isn't the problem. Flip the turbo switch and stop this nonsense.

By: soodle on 5/14/10 at 6:43

LIVE WITH IT!! This is a disaster, so you can't wash your precious car, suck it up and LIVE WITH IT!!

By: bassrhythms on 5/14/10 at 9:30

Oh My God!!!
I can't wash my car for a month..I don't think I will make it through this crisis with a dirty car..