School attendance normal on first day back after flood

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at 12:06pm

Even though hundreds of families are still cleaning up after Nashville’s historic flood, Metro public schools students returned to the classroom Monday at typical attendance rates. 

According to assistant superintendent Fred Carr, 92.3 percent of all Metro students attended school Monday, their first day back after a full week off during flood recovery. The rate was only a minor dip from figures two weeks ago, when 93.2 percent of students showed up to school.

More than 300 flood-victim families with Metro schools students are receiving assistance from the district’s student services.

Carr said 264 Metro teachers sustained “serious or total damage” to their homes from flooding. Nonetheless, only 420 teachers were absent from school yesterday, compared with 551 on the same date a year ago.

As students and teachers went back school, some probably noticed a few minor changes brought on by the flood. For example, bathrooms at some schools have been shut down because of inadequate water pressure, Carr said.

In all, officials at Metro Nashville Public Schools have identified more than $1.6 million in flood-related damages at schools. In addition, 11 school buses were destroyed in the flood.

Though the district already used up its maximum number of school cancellations during the winter, the state is expected to excuse the schools from having to make up days lost in the aftermath of the flood. 

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By: govskeptic on 5/12/10 at 6:32

The number of teachers absent on Friday's and Monday's in this school system on a weekly basis is staggering. Regardless of flood dates, this is a problem the System's managers need to get a handle on and correct as soon as possible. I'm not talking about "Vacation" days, but just simply abusing sick and other available leaves or unjustifable days!!