Some schools flooded; director not sure when classes might resume

Monday, May 3, 2010 at 1:08pm

Officials aren't sure when Metro public schools might reopen, superintendent Jesse Register said at a news conference Monday morning.

At least 23 schools experienced some level of flooding, he said, and "four or five" remain without power. Register said principals, custodians and other staff are working at every school in the district to assess damage and begin cleanup. 

Register also said he is awaiting word from the Nashville Electric Service and from Metro water officials for when it is safe to reopen schools. Road conditions will also play a significant role in that decision. 

Metro high schools are approaching end-of-year testing. Register said students would not be tested on the first day they return, and that graduation dates were not expected to change. 

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By: myopinion2 on 5/3/10 at 1:28

Everyone in K-8 knows that school is over after TCAP is finished. That would be the TCAP on which teachers are going to be evaluated. The test that doesn't count at all for accountability for kids, only for teachers who can't make students take it seriously.