1Point Solutions founder, Stokes, itching for pre-trial release

Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 1:02am
Barry Stokes is seeking to be released from jail before his September trial due to health problems.

Barry Stokes, the disgraced leader of 1Point Solutions, is asking to be let of jail before his September trial date because of mounting health problems and neglect on the part of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.

In an eight-page motion filed yesterday in District Court, Stokes’ attorney Paul Bruno appeals to Judge Robert Echols as “a matter of basic human decency,” claiming his client has serious health problems and no longer poses a flight risk as he has “practically no assets” with which to run.

Chief among the medical concerns is the preliminary diagnosis of lymphoma, which Stokes apparently received in May of this year. Given the level of care his client claims to have received since being incarcerated, Bruno argues that Stokes in unable to focus on his pending criminal trial.

In addition to lymphoma, Stokes adds a shopping list of other medical problems he has experienced while incarcerated, including but not limited to deep vein thrombosis in his leg, a possible torn tendon in the ankle, a possible cracked rib, a diet poorly suited to a diabetic's nutritional needs and uncontrollable itching. While the conditions are many and varied, it is hard to say if they will sway Echols to sympathy with the trial date so close at hand.

Stokes’ previous bid for pretrial freedom, which came a little more than a year ago, was denied after Judge Clifton Knowles essentially ruled that he was a flight risk. The document found on Stokes’ computer entitled “How to Change Your Identity” probably didn’t help in that hearing despite his claims that it was to be used to address security issues for a pending contract between 1Point and American Express.

As it currently stands, Stokes’ trial is set to begin Sept. 9.

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By: sidneyames on 12/31/69 at 6:00

Everyone who is now considering doing a crime should listen up. Life in prison ain't pretty and probably not healthy as well. No, he needs to stay in jail regardless of how inhumane he thinks it is. He's a slick cookie and I'll bet he can figure out how to slip off into the sunset if he gets out.

By: 5263 on 12/31/69 at 6:00

In total agreement with sidneyames! I personally don't care one bit about his declining health - I'm sure the people who he stole millions from are experiencing health problems due to his theft of their money. For alll I care, he can rot behind bars!!