Bible College buys land, despite delay in selling original campus

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 at 6:25pm

After a year-long search process, Free Will Baptist Bible College has selected a 66-acre site in Gallatin for its new campus, school officials announced today.

“This property in Gallatin is everything we were looking for in a new campus,” said college President Matt Pinson in a statement. “It’s more than seven times the size of our current campus, which means that we will not have to cap enrollment and curtail new programs. We will have room to construct adequate buildings for instructional needs and to house students.”

A contract for the property – located 26 minutes away from the college’s current West End Avenue location – was signed Nov. 19. The 66-acre site is situated near Vietnam Veterans Boulevard. A confidentiality clause prevents disclosure of contract terms and purchase price before all city approvals have been obtained.

FWBBC was founded in 1942 at its current site and is the only institution owned and operated by the Nashville-based National Association of Free Will Baptists. Trustees of the college voted in 2006 to relocate from the historic West End location. At the time of the decision, FWBBC had 400 students enrolled.

The college has financing in place to purchase the new location, Pinson said, and leaders are working with donors to help offset the cost of the land. FWBBC still owns its West End campus – a deal to sell that property fell through in March 2007, but administrators and trustees decided to proceed with the purchase of the Sumner County site regardless.

“[W]e have a lot of work to do in the next few years,” Pinson said. “We have our current campus to sell, a new campus to design, buildings to construct, funds to raise, and most important, we have students to teach. Every effort will be made to guarantee an uninterrupted learning experience for our current students and the new students who will enroll over the next few years.”

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By: Fundit on 12/31/69 at 6:00

rutt-ro. Richland-West End is going to be all in a tizzy. Just watch.