Bricks & Mortar

Monday, May 12, 2008 at 2:43am

Diesel rehab

Utica Contracting Inc. is rehabbing a portion of an existing shop area for the Nashville Automotive and Diesel College. The permit is valued at $150,000.

School work

American Constructors Inc. is rehabbing the second floor of the University School of Nashville. The work is valued at $500,000.

Benefit space

Tenant Building Group is finished out a suite at 301 Plus Park Blvd. for the office building’s newest tenant, United Benefits of America. The permit listed the value at $182,000.

Orchid suite

Wellspring Builders is rehabbing a suite at 1400 Donelson Pike for Orchid Cellmark. The permit is valued at $125,000.

Warehouse finishing

Englert Construction is finishing out the interior of an office/warehouse at 1501 Corporate Place. The permit is valued at $340,070.

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