Monday, June 16, 2008 at 3:03am

Guard rehab

Cardinal Construction Services is starting on rehabbing the interior of the National Guard headquarters at 3041 Sidco Drive. The permit is valued at $8.5 million.

Grace work

Harvest Construction is building a new classroom for Grace Community Church at 5711 Granny White Pike. The work is valued at $2.1 million.

Donut holes

W.T. Dubois Construction is rehabbing space in strip center at 326 Harding Place for Dunkin Donuts. The permit is valued at $246,686.

Teller window

Interiors International is rehabbing 4,000 square feet in the basement of the Bank of America building at 414 Union St. for teller space. The permit is valued at $300,000.

Dental work

Southland Constructors is rehabbing space in the shopping center at 7041 Highway 70 South for Dale Dunn Family Dentistry. The work is valued at $120,000.

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