City to start public discussion on 12South plans

Tuesday, August 7, 2007 at 2:13am

The fast-growing 12South neighborhood, which has seen a near doubling of property values in the last decade, will in August be the subject of a series of detailed neighborhood planning meetings, the Metropolitan Planning Commission has announced.

Six public meetings will culminate in a Detailed Neighborhood Design Plan, which will become part of the Green Hills-Midtown Community Plan if it is ratified by the Planning Commission.

“Any zoning decisions that come up later will be based on the guidance of that plan,” said Cynthia Wood, a planner working on the project. “There’s a lot of change and development going on in that area.”

The existing Green Hills-Midtown plan was adopted in 2005, and already includes the 12South area. A Detailed Neighborhood Design Plan, which is often utilized in well-traveled Nashville corridors, will add more specifics, Wood said. The area under discussion includes both sides of 12South, and is bordered by Wedgewood to the north, Belmont to the west, Kirkwood to the south and 10th to the east.

In addition to staying on file for when zoning decisions are made, the plans can also lead to specialized zoning for the area. One of the steps in the rezoning of portions of Gallatin Pike was creation of a Detailed Neighborhood Design Plan. Other recent corridors where plans have been established include lower portions of Dickerson Pike and the West End Avenue area near Interstate 440.

“They’re places where the city is really on display,” Wood said.

Wood said meeting attendance may number at 50 or more area property owners, as she’s heard the 12South community is an active one.

David Thompson, president of the 12South Neighbors Association, said Monday his organization is still gathering information about Metro Planning’s meetings. But he hopes it will be part of a “multi-step process” in facilitating positive growth.

For the last three years, he said, residents of the neighborhood have wanted to see either a down-zoning of residential space to prevent multi-family developments, or a conservation overlay to protect historic structures.

“It’s something on residents’ minds,” Thompson said.

City development watchers have had their eyes on 12South for years. Property value growth in the area, both commercial and residential, has been staggering in recent years, according to 12South resident Hal Humphreys of commercial real estate firm R.K. Barnes & Associates. From 1990 to 2000, a study completed by Humphreys and his associates found that residential housing prices in the neighborhood increased by about 96 percent, from average prices of less than $80,000 in 1990 to more than $150,000 in 2000.

“It is clear that the area is experiencing a time of renewed growth,” the study reads. “With continued revitalization in the residential sectors surrounding the subject neighborhood, there is an expectation of continued growth and revitalization in the retail sector. This growth has been slow over the past five years, but is poised to begin in full in the next several years.”

Several local development companies, including Baker Storey McDonald Properties LLC, have confirmed their interest in the area.

Meeting schedule

Metro Planning has scheduled six public meetings in August dedicated to the 12South plan. All meetings will be at HopeCenter Church, 2415 12th Ave. South.

Vision Workshop Monday August 13th

6:00- 8:00 PM

Afternoon Drop-In Thursday August 16th

3:00-5:00 PM

Draft Concept Plan Thursday August 16th

6:00- 8:00 PM

Afternoon Drop-In Monday August 27th

3:00-5:00 PM

Draft Detailed Land Use Plan Presentation

Monday, August 27th

6:00- 8:00 PM

Final Draft Plan Presentation

Thursday, August 30th

6:00- 8:00 PM

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By: yank283 on 12/31/69 at 6:00

Brought this up on another web site. A new check cashing place opened up on Gallatin Pike this last weekend. I thought this type of business was prohibited with the new re-zoning of Gallatin Pike. It is near NADC - is this area exempt?