Conversation with a Leader: Don Leyrer

Friday, July 6, 2007 at 2:15am

Don Leyrer is president, CEO and co-founder of Conclusive Marketing.

Conclusive Marketing, Inc. provides marketing and data management solutions, allowing the online creative development, scheduling and fulfillment of advertising placement, direct marketing, and database service technologies.

The company also offers behavior analysis marketing, campaign management, consumer profiling, consumer modeling, house-holding and mapping, data analytics, data quality and list hygiene.

Conclusive Marketing formed in 2006 after Mailnet Services, Inc. acquired Synapse Technology, a behavior analysis marketing company based in Charlotte, N.C., and Conclusive Strategies, a data analytics company specializing in consumer profiling, behavior analysis modeling and mapping based in Austin, Texas.

Conclusive Marketing was recently formed out of a merger between Mailnet Services, Inc., Conclusive Strategies and Synapse Technology. What brought on this merger?

The two companies we acquired specialize in data analytics. Fusing their capabilities with our own allows us to continue to develop the vision for our company and increase response rates for our clients. The data analytics components provided by these two companies allow us to help our clients do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

You have added two offices with this merger, one in the southwest and one on the east coast. What effect have these new offices had on your workforce and how does this expansion play into your long-term growth goals?

The merger had a profoundly positive impact on our workforce, taking us from 38 full-time employees to more than 120. Conclusive Strategies and Synapse are two of the best in the business at what they do and have attracted some of the most talented individuals in their field. Adding new data analytics and financial marketing experts to our team has opened doors for us in new industries and provided our employees a valuable resource for personal growth.

The new offices in Austin, Texas and Charlotte, N.C. allow us to tap into new geographic markets. Austin is quickly becoming known as a high-tech market and Charlotte is the banking hub of the south. Both locations are very well suited to our business plan and the future development of the company.

Direct marketing can take several different forms. What does each of the acquired companies bring to the table and how will this affect the range of services you offer your clients?

Both companies bring a track record of success in their own markets and service areas. Our Charlotte office was formerly a behavior analysis marketing company specializing in developing applications for the financial services, agribusiness, health care and automotive industries. Our Austin office is a data analytics company specializing in consumer profiling, behavior analysis modeling and mapping.

Where does Conclusive Marketing fit into the direct marketing industry?

There are two different types of marketing companies out there today. Above the line marketing, or mass marketing, and below the line marketing, or target marketing. We are below the line marketers and even more so since the merger. We specialize in very targeted mail, e-mail, and other direct marketing campaigns that result in higher response rates and increased ROI.

Who are some of your more recognizable clients?

GS Marketing (Toyota); Kraft Foods; Citizens Bank; Dex Media; Suzuki; Lawn Doctor; Lifeway Christian Stores

What’s the latest direct marketing trend and how does your company plan to address it?

It’s not enough anymore to simply add someone’s name to a mailing list. Now you have to know what that person likes and dislikes and what their tendencies are to purchase whatever it is your company is trying to sell them. Thus, the evolving trend in the marketing industry is enhanced, data driven, target marketing. Everywhere you look companies are trying to get more personal with their marketing campaigns. Making direct mail pieces and e-mail more eye-catching and relevant to the end user is essential and the constant trend in marketing.

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