Nashville Fire receives funds specialized training

Thursday, April 10, 2008 at 3:02am

BB&T and Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company teamed up on Wednesday to award a $12,382 grant to the Nashville Fire Department to help fund specialized training for members of the department’s technical rescue team.

Technical rescues typically involve high- and low-angle rope rescue, structural collapse rescue, confined space emergencies, and trench collapse emergencies. Because of the nature of these calls and the demands placed on the firefighters, they must constantly improve, train and retrain on the technical aspects of this type of specialized rescuing.

The grant money will go toward bringing instructors from the Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute to teach a course on rescue teams for all of the firefighters assigned to Station 2, Nashville’s main fire station downtown. Two captains on the technical rescue team will also receive additional instruction that they can then use to educate and train other members of the department.

“Training our firefighters is a top priority in this department,” said Fire Chief Steve Halford. “Techniques and skills are ever-changing in fire service, and it’s critical that our rescuers learn the most up-to-date procedures and methods for safe fire operations.”

“Technical rescues can be some of the most dangerous emergencies firefighters face,” said Stewart Bronaugh with BB&T. “We’re happy to know this money will go toward such an important cause.”

— Staff reports

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